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How can find good price about CNC foam cutting machine
Source: Shenzhen Zhonglida Machinery Co., Ltd Release time:14/07/2023

How can find good price about CNC foam cutting machine   

Do you searching the machine can cut foam to 2D or 3D shape ?        

 ZLD ZLD008A-6A horizontal blade  CNC foam cutting machine is designed with turntable and screwdown structure. it is very popular in 2022,this machine  provide flexible solutions to the customers   even for  small orders but lots of geomettric shape requirements .  The machine prerform well in cutting all kinds of shapes (including 3D shapes). special designed rotary table it is able to achieve challenging two-sided shape cutting (e.g.:regular shapesslike pyramid and irregular shapes ) the machine cansuit for cutting PE foam ,latex rubber foam ,memory foam ,recycled foam ,rebond foam ,Melamine foam etc.) application for mattresses,Packaging ,Automobile ,Household ,Building foam industries.

Although this horizontal knife CNC sponge cutting machine has the characteristics of high cutting accuracy, convenient cutting, if you contact us ,the Chinese manufacturer -Shenzhen Zhonglida Machinery Co.,LTd. Tell us you need the CNC foam cutting machine , We will give a very economical factory good price to our clients.

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